Business Networking Straight Up

No need to RSVP; no need for formality

Next Monday’s Happy Hour is women meeting for connection and a beverage of choice. It’s as simple and as brilliant as it sounds. Challenge yourself to think of business networking groups differently. Networking doesn’t have to be forced or inauthentic. In fact, it shouldn’t ever feel that way. Next Monday wanted a way to intercept those negative thoughts about networking and give women something to look forward to each month without obligation or sense of dread. Like, a date night. Or a massage or manicure. Or, a ladies’ night out with a cocktail, conversation, and connection …

On the fourth Monday of each month we gather as informally as can be. It’s not an event. It’s not “a thing I have to do”. It’s not the same as other networking. It’s Next Monday.

Next Event

Monday, February 26, 2018 | 4:30pm - 6pm

Boulder Tap House | St. Cloud, MN

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