Lunch, Learn & Network

Keynote Speaker: Melinda Tamm, Owner and Instructor of Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio

Connecting Passion to Your Profession

Lunch, Learn & Network | Keynote Speaker: Melinda Tamm, Owner and Instructor of Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio

Tuesday May. 10, 2016 | 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Tuscan Center Ballroom at Midtown Square | St. Cloud, MN
Cost: $25

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Passion is the answer to everything. If you are not passionate about what you are building, then don’t build it.

Is it just me, or do you feel like passion is becoming an overused buzz word? I admit, it is beginning to sound generic, though I very much believe in the pursuit of passion and the change it can bring to lives everywhere.

The opposite of passion is reality. Well – not technically.

Reality is that thing that happens to all of us when we decide to pursue passion and realize that it’s hard. That it won’t be an overnight success. So while I am proponent of passion, I am also a respecter of reality. That said, our next LLN speaker, Melinda Tamm, is proof that with passion, comes reality. Or in her case, reality led to her passion, meaning setting goals and having dreams is great and all, but how do you get there? Through hard work. Through intensity. Through struggle, through failure, and with grit. Melinda’s story will highlight the reality that always accompanies passion, but often gets overlooked because it’s not glamorous. Those are the stories we love, because those are the stories alive in us all.

Keynote Speaker

Melinda Tamm

Owner and Instructor of Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio

Melinda Tamm is the owner and instructor of Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio. Melinda graduated from St. Cloud State University with a B.S. in Education. She has 29 years of experience in all areas of dance, including 22 years as an instructor for all ages and abilities. She also spent multiple years as a professional NFL cheerleader, dancer and choreographer. Melinda started her company in 2006 based on her passion and love for the arts and development of children. Melinda was the "Sertoman of the Year" for her outstanding service to the community and club in 2009. She was a recipient of the St. Cloud Times "5 Under 40" in 2012. She also has been recognized as a woman of the year in her profession by the National Association of Professional Women in 2015.