Jen Lamb-Randolph

General Manager and Corporate Trainer, The Buckle Inc.

Misfits to Marvelous

Speaker Bio:

My journey to finding myself within my career started early in my life. I have always seemed to gravitate toward servanthood. I felt worth, value, and success when seeing others around me benefit from what I could offer them in the way of training and opportunity. My path started as a Certified Nurse Assistant in an elderly facility that specialized in mental illness. I loved listening, caring, and learning from a generation who respectfully went before me.

I then spent my next season of life as a head teacher of a preschool. Now I was learning and being inspired through serving and developing a group of children. I loved being around such positive life forces! The innocence and eagerness to be taught and to enjoy life was infectious and good for my soul. Suddenly my life changed. I had my first child and he became very ill. We were in and out of the hospital and I could not continue teaching. I decided to get a part time job that allowed for me to escape the stresses of home, had a positive high-energy environment, and yet allowed me to be there with my son.

I started at Buckle in the spring of 2002. I very quickly became the Assistant Manager and my career took off! I was able to travel to Buckle Corporate, work alongside the President and Buckle’s advanced leadership team and soon become the Store Manager/ part Owner of the St. Cloud Buckle. I have grown my business to become one of the top Buckle stores in the country! I currently train leaders for our company, facilitate an internship program, assist in district recruiting and lead a Management Connection group for our shopping center.

I did not intend on this choice becoming a career and I did not understand how it fell in line with my passion for servanthood. I feared this career could embrace vanity and things that were superficial and not allow for me to be the servant I so sought to be. How was I going to serve others by selling clothes? I learned a valuable lesson. Anywhere you work, anywhere you go can become an opportunity for you to serve, enlarge, and encourage people around you to reach new levels in their lives. In helping others, I have reached professional levels I never thought were possible!

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