Mary Bruno

Owner, Bruno Press

Adaptability is My Superpower

Speaker Bio:

Mary is first and foremost a printer and designer, running a small business that was handed down to her from her late father in 2003. Mary has had to learn everything about running a business by jumping in feet first. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Art in printmaking from St. Cloud State University and received an Associate’s Degree in design from St. Cloud Technical College.

This calling is important on many levels for Mary, to carry on her father’s legacy and to continue to bring this traditional art form into the light, so that it may be passed on for generations to come. Through this endeavor, Mary has traveled the world, and met and collaborated with talented people that have inspired and enlightened her own path to success.

Things are not always easy, but being determined to make a lasting impression, both on paper and on people, she has learned being authentic is the only way to be. While it may not for everyone, it has gotten her this far and she believes that it may be what makes her who she is. Often misunderstood, Mary will tell her inspiring story of adapting to change (and doing a lot wrong), but still getting exactly where she needs to be.

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