Local Women Leaders


Speaker Bio:

What stands in your way of being your best? Is a cultural boundary limiting your view? Or do you need to create a boundary to be more effective? Boundaries can both hold us back and drive us forward. As women, we constantly need to build up and break down boundaries. Join us for a real conversation with local women leaders on their own experiences and insights on boundaries we need to create and crush.

Panel Speakers

Becky Estby

Senior Vice President of HR & Organizational Development, Coborn’s

Jen Lamb-Randolph

General Manager and Corporate Trainer, The Buckle Inc.

Sarah Noble

Director of Operations, Northwestern Mutual

Dr. Julie Johnson

Medical Director, HealthPartners Central Minnesota Clinic

Kelly Radi

Author & Owner, Radi to Write

Ceena Idicula Johnson

Attorney, Quinlivan & Hughes

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