Tammie Downare

Owner, State Farm Insurance Agency

Sorry, Not Sorry | Video Series

Speaker Bio:

Born in an U.S. Army hospital on the Fourth of July, it is only fitting that Tammie Downare has made her way through life with a feisty spirit and bravery that only those who truly know her would understand. Raised by an eccentric Vietnam Vet and a small-town waitress, her childhood resembling an episode of The Ozarks gifted her with a resilient nature, determination and strong faith.

Tammie’s work ethic comes from her belief that she could achieve anything she set her mind to and doing it with a little bit of flare. Her career journey has included photographer, foot model and advertising executive.

She began her State Farm career in 1994 in Bemidji, Minnesota, where she was recognized for her outstanding life insurance sales. She was promoted and worked for State Farm Corporate before accepting her agency in St. Cloud in 2001. She has been awarded Chairman’s Circle, an award given to the top 2% in the company.

More importantly, Tammie value’s relationships and serving others, and is continually looking for ways to meet the needs of the constantly changing marketplace. Her commitment to her family, friends and her community are what drives her decisions.

Tammie married her high school sweetheart and they have somehow managed to raise some pretty amazing humans and she adores spending time with them most days. Tammie and her husband Taggart have co-owned various businesses including, Serendipity and Rollga.

Tammie has always enjoyed the arts and virtually any creative outlet known to woman. Currently she is working on becoming a cellist, a published children’s author, a black-belt in Karate, and her own version of Marie Kondo.