We offer business executive and leadership coaching

At Next Monday, we don’t promise or necessarily promote transformation and self-discovery, but they might be a natural byproduct when you invest in executive leadership training or services. We offer several models of executive training for women in pursuit of empowerment, bolstering, and refining skills.

Why do women seek business or leadership coaching? Simply put – to become better. Getting better requires both training and determination, and women often don’t have somewhere to turn when faced with the decision to change and grow. Next Monday offers several services intended to help women get better by improving their existing skills and developing new ones.

Next Monday services include:

Brave Coaching Circle

An empowerment group limited to six - eight spots for women in mid-level management or aspiring leaders who want to grow, foster self-awareness, and embrace change.

Executive Peer Group

A 12-woman cohort of executives who meet monthly in order to facilitate great conversation, big discoveries, and both professional and personal growth.

Leadership Training

A powerful program to help individuals hone in on the soft management skills that are both practical and personal and an integral part of business leadership.

Business Strategy

Dedicated towards helping women in critical leadership roles define business priorities, set goals for growth, and develop into strong, capable leaders.

Career Coaching

Giving women in business another perspective on the job they’re doing, the job they desire, and the determination it takes to do it.

Connect With A Coach

In order to determine what steps to take toward living without regrets, meet one on one with a Next Monday coach to share your goals and develop a plan best suited for success and how you define it.

My BIG Life Coaching

My BIG Life is a journey of self-awareness. It’s an understanding of the life you were created to live, the work you were designed to excel at, the things you need to become aware of and what you need to do. When all of these components are in harmony, your life will be different in unimaginable ways.

Women of Influence Summit 2016

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