Good Leaders Have Great Support

Leadership career coaching for women of all industries, backgrounds, and positions

Education prepares you for what? The rest of your life. Or at the very least, your career. Your teachers, instructors, and fellow students helped shape and guide your path from kindergarten to where you are now, regardless of your age. So who is available to help guide and prepare you today? Next Monday offers leadership coaching for you and your career because we know how hard it can be to “work” on yourself when you’re already working so diligently each day.

Sometimes, women become mired or focused on the little details and fail to see the big picture. Am I working to my fullest potential? Are my strengths aligned with my tasks? Am I in a place where I am validated, challenged, and heard? Sometimes it takes someone else asking you those very questions to refocus and determine what path you’re on … and whether that path leads to your ultimate destination.

A Next Monday Career Coach will spend time with and on you to gauge how you perceive yourself, how you present yourself to the world, and ask endless questions. You can learn how to place value where it matters most – on yourself – while pursuing your dreams.

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