Become the Leader You Desire

Leadership training and development focused on growth and ownership

Where do you lead? At home, at work, in volunteer groups, at church, in school? Or, all of the above plus about 400 more places? Next Monday has developed leadership training and development for women who are leaders, will be emerging as leaders, and those blessed few who already lead and might not even recognize it! In our Leadership Training, women will learn how to manage conflict, communicate effectively, and be a positive source for others around them. We’ll share soft skill management methods, set goals, and change the world in one fell swoop! (yes, you can change the world … why would you think otherwise?)

Leadership is accompanied by trust, and not just the trust others place in you as their leader. You too must trust yourself in any of your leadership missions in order to be effective and consistent. Next Monday will focus on bolstering your confidence and equipping you to handle anything a powerful leader can face.

We offer Leadership Training services as:

New Leader Assimilation

A process dedicated to the specific honor (and challenge!) of acclimating to new leadership roles. Women receive coaching and leadership specific to communicating, decision making, relationship building, and establishing trust in leadership – a key component to any successful relationship.

Leading the Way Training

Training developed and facilitated by Wendy Hulsebus and Wendy Lang, owners of Mission Consulting in Sauk Rapids, MN focused on soft skills management and how it impacts people in business. Three key elements comprise the Leading the Way Training’s foundation: Know, Relate, and Trust.

Customized Options

Custom facilitation training options are available for anyone seeking support or direction in business or personal life. At Next Monday, we appreciate collaboration. We’d love to understand what you and your organization need, and to work with you to create that customized plan designed for growth and success.

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