Success Stories

Jaci Finneman

Attachment Parenting Coach & Consultant, Hello World LLC

Opportunity finds you when you least expect it.

My opportunity was a woman named Michelle Pape.

About 8 years ago, I was fried. There’s no better way to explain it as I was working between 60 and 70 hours a week and raising a four year old. I met Michelle in our sons’ preschool hallways, coming and going at the same time. I’d noticed her months earlier; she was always so confident, natural, charismatic, and optimistic with the others around her. She reminded me, of me. Or, the old me who was carefree and excited and energetic. I hoped Michelle wouldn’t notice or approach me. I didn’t want to fake it with someone who was so obviously put together.

Well, she did.

Then, I learned about her and Next Monday. I didn’t even know coaching was a thing – nor did I know people would pay for it. I knew my boss would never go for it.

I was wrong.

When you are serious about redefining your life, career, or situation you find a way. I found mine with Michelle and Next Monday. I’ve gained so much since those days in the preschool hallways. And, much of it was already in me, just waiting for someone to pay attention and acknowledge it. Michelle doesn’t sugarcoat or rescue from your mistakes or poor decisions. She holds you to your own beliefs and abilities and pushes you to be the person YOU want to be. She’s kind, authentic, and all about you. I’m grateful for Michelle and all that Next Monday has done for me personally and professionally.

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