Success Stories

Leah Williams

After a decade of growing her career and working in senior sales positions at a large enterprise software company, Leah Williams realized it was time for a change. The company had given Leah the opportunity to advance her career inside the company and really grow as an individual and as a professional. However, as her ten year anniversary rolled around she realized she was seeking something more.

Leah decided working with a career coach was the first step to making the next step in her career. It was important to find someone that she felt an immediate connection with, that understood the challenges of integrating life and work as a working Mom with two small children. When she met Michelle Pape, she was just the right fit. Michelle has an energy that is contagious and she is incredibly positive. She is a very good listener and will pick up on your strengths and help you translate how they can apply to any opportunity in life. Michelle really encouraged Leah to think about what was best for her, to “lean in” and not be afraid to take risks. Leah needed someone that would help her gain confidence that the skills she gained the past 10 + years could be transferable and would be an asset to another organization.

Michelle was also incredibly helpful to Leah in preparation for the interviews. They held several mock interview sessions and talked through potential interview scenarios to be prepared for. This made a huge impact and led to several successful rounds of interviews.

When Leah received the job offer, she was just thrilled. Michelle pushed her to pursue her dream job, gave her the confidence she needed to ace the interview process and she landed the job! Michelle is an asset to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their career.

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