Success Stories

Nicole Corrigan

It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Michelle Pape. From the beginning of my time working with her, she has always been accessible, responsive, encouraging, and she has always made it very clear that she cares as much about my endeavors as I do. She understands people and intuitively knows how to guide and engage her clients within their networks and community. She is also very creative and intentional in her approach and outcomes with clients.

I know that she will be an invaluable resource to any organization that she collaborates with.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Pape for more than three years where she has successfully and seamlessly assumed many roles including professional career coach, mentor, guide, and confident. Anyone who has worked with Ms. Pape will agree that she is a person of strong will, conviction, and determination coupled with the utmost professionalism and gentle sincerity. She diligently follows through on her commitments while possessing a high level of integrity and open-mindedness along with congruency of deepened soul understanding. She is genuine and resourceful; she knows her clients on many levels and understands how to elevate them to their best through purposeful action. While her greatest qualities are compassionate, open listening, and facilitating clients to see themselves for who they truly are, she guides calmly and efficiently while instilling security and confidence.

Ms. Pape is a person who takes great pride in her work and finds pleasure in assisting others with the improvement of themselves and their lives.

I know that onboarding her in your organization would be a very wise step and I also know, with her virtues, that she is well qualified for extensive opportunities. It is with steadfast conviction that I offer my highest recommendation of Ms. Pape.

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