Success Stories

Tracy Wiese

Partner, 3.2.1 LLC

I have known Michelle for nearly 10 years now, during different times and different “jobs.” There are several attributes Michelle has that are constant – and which I am convinced give her a fresh and unique perspective as a executive coach, and contribute to a different level of effectiveness for her clients:

Character. In working with and for Michelle in various roles, I know that she is a person of great personal and professional character. This is the bedrock of a good coach – a person who is committed to her own personal values and pushes those around her to do the same with their own, in life and in business. Michelle oozes integrity.

Compassion. Michelle has an amazing depth of individual compassion for others. Upon first meeting her long ago, I doubted that it could be genuine… but the longer you know Michelle, the more you appreciate her ability to listen intensely, encourage tirelessly and celebrate endlessly. It is an amazing attribute for Michelle in that her compassion for others has never wavered, regardless of personal or professional challenges in her own life. This compassion helps those she’s coaching to open up and begin to work through “stuff” that’s getting in the way of moving forward.

Passion. It is said that success in life or in work hinges on an individual’s passion. Michelle has passion as an individual, and particularly for her role as a coach, in spades! What’s more, she encourages each of those she coaches to discover their own passion as well. (“Encourages” is perhaps too soft a word – “insists” may be more like it!) It is energizing to have a person like that who is cheerleading on your behalf and not letting you off the hook on finding and sticking with your goals.

Honesty. Michelle is simply one of the most honest individuals I’ve ever met. There are few people in business or in life who will take the time or make the effort to communicate openly with those around them. In coaching, Michelle brings a level of honesty that is at once surprising and refreshing – she tells it like it is, and for her clients this means clear expectations, ongoing direct communication and little tolerance for passive-aggressiveness or other behaviors many of us (especially us women!) have been encouraged to use in place of honesty.

Perseverance. And last but not least, Michelle is, hands down, the most persistent (in a good way), determined (in a good way), optimistic person I’ve known. This is something any client should take note of immediately in working with her, and will appreciate always.

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