Who You Work With Says a Lot About You

Learn the values that guide
Next Monday

Michelle Pape

Michelle’s favorite word: Love

What she would tell her 22-year old self: Go for it!

How she challenges women in her executive coaching groups: By listening to what they’re not saying and seeing them as the incredible women they already are. Challenging them beyond today.

Next Monday is an executive coaching company – focused on personal and professional growth – born out of need. Founder Michelle Pape reflected on her own journey as she traversed new and difficult situations, faced challenges, accepted risks, and rose through the ranks she noted how beneficial it would have been for her to have someone along for the ride – or maybe even taking the wheel a time or two. Someone who could offer support and guidance, someone who was unwavering in the face of uncertainty. Over a decade ago, Michelle acted on her realization that a consultant, coach, and facilitator could prove valuable for women seeking that same fortification and with that, Next Monday emerged.

Four values shape Next Monday and keep us centered.

We believe in the power of each value and make decisions stemming from our desire to remain true to these covenants no matter the situation or circumstance:


Daily we go beyond our comfort zones.


Confidence grows through action. We do. We start. We grow.


We have more questions than answers and we continue on our ways imperfectly.


We are in your corner. And, we’re all about you.

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